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    Post  Alchemist on Mon May 10, 2010 1:11 am


    -Character Name


    -How mature are you

    -Available times

    -Past Experiences for this job
    5~9 Years

    -Which are you apply for and why...[Game Master] [Forum Moderator] [Intern]
    -Game Master[Gm]/and i was a Coder too

    -How serious are you going to take this job and how are you going to do that
    -I have never been playing around with Gm status.

    -Why'd you join ArsenicMS. Please don't give answers like, "Because it's a cool server!"
    -This Server Was The First Server I Played

    -How are you going to help. Please don't give answers like, "I will make ArsenicMS the #1 server!", because that will never happen.
    -I Can Donate To The Server For Better Use.
    -Have you read the rules. Please don't answer in 1 word.
    -Yes The Rules Are Very Acceptable.

    -Are you going to rage and cry if you are denied? Please don't answer in 1 word.
    -No Because There Are Many Times I Failed

    -If you are accepted, will you give items away to people
    -I will not give unless they won an events, but they cant choose for items.

    -What do you usually do on your free time in ArsenicMS
    -Yes i do

    -Have you ever been described as annoying or irritating? Please don't answer in 1 word.
    -No i was always off to help people.

    -What are your current occupation(s). Why must I know this? I use your occupation so I know what you are doing when you are offline for at least 1 week to the point where you are going to get fired as a GM.
    -Student,I might be studying almost everyday so sometime i will not be on because of exams

    -How low is your temper
    -My Temper has never been used before.

    -Will you advertise this server on different servers? If yes, please DON'T. You don't know how annoying people that advertise on servers are.
    -No Will tell my friends to play.

    -Will you ban players without a reason
    -No Unless they are hacking and scamming

    -How are you going to keep this server lively. Please don't say "I will host events".
    -Every 2 days to have 2~5 events
    Hanah. <3
    Hanah. <3

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    Your choice now, Will.

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    Post  .::Arsenic::. on Wed May 12, 2010 10:58 pm

    5~9 years? The fuck was that?
    I simply said don't say "I will host events", you said the same thing but in your own words...


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