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    Post  Wrong on Wed May 12, 2010 6:00 am

    Name: Travis Formosa

    Character Name:

    Age: 16

    How mature are you: I am as mature as an full young adult That takes full Responsibility in What i do.

    Available times: Monday- 5Hours+ (Can Stay On Anytime i like.)
    Wednesday - 5 Hours+ (Can Stay On Anytime i like.)
    Thursday- 5 Hours+ (Can Stay On Anytime i like.)
    Friday- 5 Hours+ (Can Stay On Anytime i like.)
    Saturday- 3-4 Hours
    Sunday- 3-4 Hours

    Past Experiences for this job: Well i dont have any past experience as a GM but i would liek to have the chance to have a go.

    Which are you apply for and why...[b]Game Master[/b] I am applying to become a Level 4 GM On Arsenic MS Because i have the time to spend on a great server and i am willing to be active and do my job right by helping out my fellow Arsenic PLayers.

    How serious are you going to take this job and how are you going to do that: If i do get this job i will take full responsability and show and bring enthusiam to this server because i am very serious in what i do and wont give chances to those that dispose the rules.

    Why'd you join ArsenicMS. Please don't give answers like, "Because it's a cool server!": I joined ArsenicMS from The top 200 Private Servers Website and saw Arsenic Ms and it cought my attention because the banner looks Great and i can see Potential in this server.

    How are you going to help. Please don't give answers like, "I will make ArsenicMS the #1 server!", because that will never happen: if i do beocme a GM for ArsenicMS i am going to hold daily events for my fellow players, bring joy and fun to the server by helping out Players and Spread the word that a new server is rising!

    Have you read the rules. Please don't answer in 1 word: Yes, i have read the rules for all Levels of the GM's and i am prepaired to abbey them.

    Are you going to rage and cry if you are denied? Please don't answer in 1 word: No, i will not *rage* and *cry* if i do not get this Spot as a GM because it is entialy Up to you im just hear to help out and look after the Server.

    If you are accepted, will you give items away to people: No, i will not give items away to random players or friends of mine because that is one of the rules Of a GM and i will follow Those rules.

    What do you usually do on your free time in ArsenicMS: In my free time i would just hang out in the FM talking to my fellow guildes and helping people that need assistance.

    Have you ever been described as annoying or irritating? Please don't answer in 1 word: No i havnt been Described like that but i have been described as a fun and enjoyable person.

    What are your current occupation(s). Why must I know this? I use your occupation so I know what you are doing when you are offline for at least 1 week to the point where you are going to get fired as a GM: Well im pretty sure i wont be offline for a whole entire week unless i have gone on a holiday which i would let you know befor hand but if you must know i have a part time job with 5 hour shifts.

    How low is your temper: i am a very tolerent Person seeing as i have 2 brothers and a sister that annoy me all the time haha.

    Will you advertise this server on different servers? If yes, please DON'T. You don't know how annoying people that advertise on servers are: No, i would not advitise this server on other servers because yes i know how annoying it can be and it will just cause trouble for ArsenicMS.

    Will you ban players without a reason: KNow i would not ban a player for no reason because that it just unfair and there is no point in doing it because everyone has the right to play.

    How are you going to keep this server lively. Please don't say "I will host events": To keep this server *Lively* i will simply just hang around int he FM helping out anyone that needs help and i will be a very talkative GM and bring fun and joy to Arsenic Smile

    Quote: Those are all the questions. Why are there so much questions? Because I don't want lazy GMs: i totaly Agree what is the point Getting someone thats not going to do there job?

    Thanks For Reading My Application For Level 4 Gm on Arsenic if you need to contact me here is my email : trav.is_sickient@hotmail.com
    Thanks Again.

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    Wrong's Gm App Empty Re: Wrong's Gm App

    Post  Vexx on Wed May 12, 2010 5:56 pm

    lol just saying but you dont even take the time to create an account on the forums and yet you apply for gm? I dont think you are looking to stay here on this server..
    Hanah. <3
    Hanah. <3

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    Wrong's Gm App Empty Re: Wrong's Gm App

    Post  Hanah. <3 on Wed May 12, 2010 11:18 pm

    @Vexx; I agree with you. - -;

    This application 'also' didn't match it's requirements.
    You're 16, dude. You can do so much better than this.
    Give a bit more effort into your application. & I bet
    you are the, 'come & go' type. If you're serious about
    working here, try harder. The application lacks information
    & descriptive words also. No proof was added nor referrer.
    Covering up the basic words by making it a bit longer,
    won't do any good. We're not stupid. We know. ._.

    Denied, from me.
    Try harder, boy.

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    Wrong's Gm App Empty Re: Wrong's Gm App

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