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    Willy's Guide to a Good GM Empty Willy's Guide to a Good GM

    Post  .::Arsenic::. on Wed May 12, 2010 11:15 pm

    What is a GM?
    A GM is Game Master for short. The Game Masters are people who have some extra ordinary permissions and can "control" the game. The job of a GM is to:
    1. Help people out who needs some kind of assistance.
    2. Ban hackers, hackers are cruel people who just tries to ruin the game.
    3. Hold the stability in the game. Be sure people aren't harrasing each other or being assholes to other people in the game.
    4. Make events and also making sure that the players have fun and aren't bored all the time. You should prioritise all of the other GM jobs before this.

    Imagine everyone is bored and want a event, but there is also a hacker packet editing and making everybody DC from FM in channel 1, but there's also someone running around scamming people and harrasing.

    The bored players can wait with their event, 'cause that's just for the fun sake and won't really ruin the game for 'em and the players getting harassed can also wait a bit, since they can just block him but if everybody DC's in FM 1, it will ruin the game for loads of people. Priotising is one of the most important thing for a GM.
    Okay, I'll now go on to the steps.

    Step 1: Always stay cool and be nice to everybody
    You are in this situation.
    Alot of people is running around FM and having fun, untill a guy begins to harrass people and being racist. A player smega you and asks if you want to come to the FM. You go there and use your hide skill, so you can stalk the harrassing guy without he is aware of your presence. When you see him harrass people, you go out of hide and say to this guy "Hello . I have observed you in some time now and I've seen you harrass people. I'll jail you if you won't stop." or you could just open Maple Messenger and talk to him there if you don't want the chat to be overflowed by the players, but lets say that he is just saying "screw you" and he doesn't stop harrassing people. A GM should NEVER freak out and I really mean, never! Never let this get personal, if you do that you will 1.) Look Immature
    2.) You wouldn't be any better than him, if you just start harrasing him like he does to the players.
    3.) The players will think "what a noob GM".
    In this situation, jail him in an hour or so. When you unjail him, stalk him again(in hide of course) and see if he does it again. If he does, open a maple messenger and write to him: "Hello <name>. I've already warned your once about your harrasment and jailed in hope of making you stop. You blew your last chance and I'll now permanently ban you from <server>." and perm ban him.

    This is just a example of an situation I could think of the top of my head. The point is: You should always stay cool, even if the player was swearing at you and only talking BS to you, but make them regret doing it to you. Of course you should warn him if swears, but you shouldn't just do the same thing.

    Step 2: Always use your best grammar, right capitalization and punctuation
    People will take you much more seriously and show you more respect. Trust me, it's true. "if a gm talks liek this!!!11" people will just think "what a noob". "If you rather talk like this." It make people think you are more mature and it also looks alot better.

    Step 3: Don't act noobish. Use Maple Messenger instead of warping people around
    Personally as GM, I prefer talking to players who needs assistance in the Maple Messenger. 1. Because they can choose if they want to talk to you, which means you show them some kind of respect. 2. Because you can write privately without anyone disturbing you, and the chat not becoming overflowed - imagine you are whispering him in the FM. 3. If a GM appears to a player in a populated server, they usally will get swarmed by atleast 2/3 of the server population, asked tons of questions and will be over crowded in less than 5 seconds. If you use the Maple Messenger it will be much more discrete, which makes you seem more proffesional and proffesionalism is the key to respect. It's also a benefit because you can just stand in the GM map all day but help tons of people out meanwhile you do something else, since it's rarely that they need your physically powers to help people out.

    Step 4: NEVER abuse your powers as a GM nor favoritise players over others
    The title of this step kinda explains it all. You shouldn't make the game unfair for others. If you give out a item or somekind of boost it should be fair and everyone should be able to get that item, like if you make an event - everybody should have the opportunity to join that event.

    Step 5: Try only to be at certain places when

    Okay, if a GM hangs around FM all day it will really stress you out because people will most likely overcrowd you all the time with questions etc. but if GMs hung out in the GM map, it would
    1.) Result in players concentrating about leveling, trading items etc.
    2. ) Seeing a GM is really rare and it should be that way. If a GM hangs around FM too much he will A.) Begin to favoritise players slowly, since he would be hanging more around with some players than others and B.) He would look more like a player than a GM, and the community would give him less respect than the other staff members. Try to hang around as much as you can in the GM Map, if all the staff hang around there and helped people through !notice, whispers and Maple Messengers, it would be much more organized and it wouldn't distract players as much. Besides, you can do alot of fun stuff in the GM map with the other staff members.

    Final Destination: STAY in GM Map as much as possible, it makes you look more proffesional, gives you more respect, gives you less stress and doesn't makes you favoritise the players.

    Step 6: Don't ask people if they need help. They should ask you
    If you spam the !notice with a message saying "Does anyone need help?" each minute, people gets annoyed. Also, as I said in the other steps: GM's should try to be mysterious and not doing anything wrong". It may you seem noobish and makes you look desperate if you do that.

    Step 7: IMPORTANT! Know the commands!
    The commands is really really important. If you don't know the GM commands, you are just a helpful person who seem to backseat moderate(being a wannabe GM). You can find the GM commands around the web. Learn 'em all by head. Also, NEVER ask players about commands.

    Step 8: Don't do too many events.
    It would simply make some people really overpowered and others not. Keep the balance =)

    Credits: Not me :3

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    Willy's Guide to a Good GM Empty Re: Willy's Guide to a Good GM

    Post  Baka on Fri May 14, 2010 8:08 pm

    i cant find teh commands o.o

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    Willy's Guide to a Good GM Empty Re: Willy's Guide to a Good GM

    Post  xRen.Was.Here on Sun May 16, 2010 12:50 am

    Lols. That was exactly what I was thinking. I don't actually see any commands anywhere. So... I'm assuming I'm blind and I can't find them or that they're just not here yet :X

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