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    Post  Alchemist on Thu May 13, 2010 12:36 am

    Red---->Question Blue---->Answer

    Name: Sam

    Ign: Alchemist


    Experience as a GM: 6 to 8 time -- co-owner , admin , HGM (5 to 6 year been play)

    Why you want to be a GM:I would like to be a GM, because I want to help out the server, the community. Make ArsenicMs a little bit better than it was before. Listen to what other players have to say. And help out new players with whatever they needed my help.

    How you can help the server: I would help the server by,Listening to what everyone has to say. Try introduce new players to the game. I will be online everyday(hopefully) to help out each and everyone. I will treat every people the same and i will not be unfair.

    What you would do if you saw someone hacking: If i saw hacker i will use my Gm Skill(Hide) and take screenShot and tell owner and jail the hacker till owner online to settel it..

    Do you know the GM commands well: Yup i Know all GM commands well.

    What you can offer that other people can't: I can offer all my help to each and everyone went the needed me......

    Any other information regarding your app: Nope If You Want To Know Me Better th-lost-past@hotmail.com
    Hanah. <3
    Hanah. <3

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    Alchemist Gm App Empty Re: Alchemist Gm App

    Post  Hanah. <3 on Thu May 13, 2010 7:35 pm

    LOL.Wow. I did give you the permission to use other format.
    But even so, this application also lacks supportive information.

    Denied, from me.
    Your choice now, Willy.

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