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    Genjiku's Improved Gm application


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    Genjiku's Improved Gm application Empty Genjiku's Improved Gm application

    Post  NatsuBlaze on Thu May 13, 2010 5:13 pm

    -Name Zac Brock

    -Character Name Genjiku

    -Age 19

    -How mature are you
    I am mature enoguh to know how to follow orders and not disobey

    -Available times
    Weekdays: 4:20pm-9:50pm
    Weekends: 8:10am-3:00pm

    -Past Experiences for this job
    3 Other low key servers that failed and shut dow shortly after i worked on them

    -Which are you apply for and why...[Game Master] [Forum Moderator] [Intern] Game Master level 4-3 to fully help out the server ad help the new and current players

    -How serious are you going to take this job and how are you going to do that
    I will go by all the rules of my rank givin and will strive to do the best i can for the server

    -Why'd you join ArsenicMS. Please don't give answers like, "Because it's a cool server!"
    Because new servers like this tend to be full of experiance and this one in particular was very promisig to be fun and exciting

    -How are you going to help. Please don't give answers like, "I will make ArsenicMS the #1 server!", because that will never happen.
    I will make sure that everyone has a fun time and make sure that its almost never boring

    -Have you read the rules. Please don't answer in 1 word.
    Yes i have read and accept the terms and rules

    -Are you going to rage and cry if you are denied? Please don't answer in 1 word.
    no I will not my last application was in truth a poor application and had some...i mean alot of faults in it

    -If you are accepted, will you give items away to people
    No i will not

    -What do you usually do on your free time in ArsenicMS
    Try to make friends and train

    -Have you ever been described as annoying or irritating? Please don't answer in 1 word.
    yes by some of my friends but if i must act serious to get the job i will

    -What are your current occupation(s). Why must I know this? I use your occupation so I know what you are doing when you are offline for at least 1 week to the point where you are going to get fired as a GM.
    I am a temporary worker at Carowinds I will be startig in summer

    -How low is your temper
    extreamly low

    -Will you advertise this server on different servers? If yes, please DON'T. You don't know how annoying people that advertise on servers are.
    I wont I know what you mean

    -Will you ban players without a reason
    No I will not

    -How are you going to keep this server lively. Please don't say "I will host events".

    I will make this server lively by helping out my fellow players answeriig any and all questions or any thing else included events

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    Hanah. <3
    Hanah. <3

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    Genjiku's Improved Gm application Empty Re: Genjiku's Improved Gm application

    Post  Hanah. <3 on Thu May 13, 2010 7:36 pm

    Lol. Even if you make another application to appease
    our senses. It's still denied for the same exact reason.

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