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    Jason Zh

    Secksee -GM Application Empty Secksee -GM Application

    Post  Jason Zh on Sun May 09, 2010 3:39 am

    Hello it's Jason Zhang here and this my GM app~


    Jason Zhang

    -Character Name




    -How mature are you

    I am 14 years old.

    I am mature enough because :

    1. I do not flame over little things.

    2. I am a calm and helpful person but i can be a bit humourous and funny in the right mood.

    3. People do not annoy me too much, i do listen to every question and try answer it the best way i can ; I have a lot of patience for players.

    4. I try to get what i want but if i do not get it, i will ask for this item or command to somebody ONCE. After that i will just forget about it and move on.

    -Available times

    From 5:00pm ~ 9:00pm on weekdays.

    From 11:00am ~ 11:30pm on weekends and public holidays.

    My timezone is Australian Eastern Standard Time ( AEST ) ~UTC +10

    -Past Experiences for this job

    I have actually been a GM in "StolenMS" but i cannot be a actual good GM. I am willing to learn though.

    I may not be the "perfect" GM but i will definitely :

    1. Ban every hacker/law breaker with genuine proof

    2. Help players in the anyway legitimate way possible

    3 .Will never abuse my GM powers e.g , I jail/ban an innocent player just for the heck of it.

    -Why are you applying for...[Game Master] [Forum Moderator] [Intern] [Coder]

    1. I am applying for the Arsenic staff because i have really never experienced a proper GM's job.

    2. I want to clean out the server with hacker and law breakers to make the TimeZstory reputation better.

    3. I can watch over the server in my time because of all the other countries that go on roughly my time because i know i do not see even 1 GM on wen i'm on at my time.

    4. Lastly, i really want to experience the GM job and have my fun along with helping players achieve their fun to maximum level too.

    -How serious are you going to take this job and how are you going to do that

    I am dead serious in this job

    1. I do not want to be hated across the Arsenic community because i am a strict hacker remover.

    2. I do have fun and exciting times when i host events or just sit and chill with the players.

    3. I will help all the players with care and respect. I will take full responsibility if anything goes wrong.

    a) I do have good hacks myself and i know when a hacker is hacking.

    b) I host events with the permission from a rank higher than me. I do happen to go afk but it will be the maximum of 10 minutes or less.

    c) I will make new-comers feel open about the community and if they need help i will take full impact if anything goes wrong with my advise or help.

    -Why'd you join ArsenicMS? Please don't give answers like, "Because it's a cool server!"

    I joined ArsenicMS because when i was looking through the list on GTOP, the rates caught my eye. I clicked on the link, i joined the server and started playing. After i got comfortable with the game,( which was about 20 minutes)

    i voted straight away and kept voting often as i can. Lastly, i started helping the server like giving feedback and making banners.

    -How are you going to help. Please don't give answers like, "I will make ArsenicMS the #1 server!", because that will never happen.

    I can help by :

    1. Voting for the server.

    2. Reporting any hacker with proof of atleast a screenshot.

    3. Advertising on youtube.

    4. Helping players which increases the community of this server.

    5. Inviting as many people. ( which is like advertising but different )

    -Have you read the rules. Please don't answer in 1 word.

    I have read the rules and i will follow them strictly as possible.

    -Are you going to rage and cry if you are denied? Please don't answer in 1 word.

    As i said, i am a mature person. i will not flame or complain.
    I will look at the positive and congratulate the people who made it in, continue to respect the higher ranks.

    -If you are accepted, will you give items away to people

    I will give items away ONLY when the player i am giving the item to is a winner from an event that i hosted. Otherwise, no.

    -What do you usually do on your free time in ArsenicMS

    I usually go to train or i chill in the fm. When i see a new player i go over to greet them and ask if u need any help on playing the server.

    -Have you ever been described as annoying or irritating? Please don't answer in 1 word.

    I have never been called annoying or irritating besides my mum, otherwise no.

    -What are your current occupation(s). Why must I know this? I use your occupation so I know what you are doing when you are offline for at least 1 week to the point where you are going to get fired as a GM.

    My currents occupation is a student in a private highschool. I do have a job yet.

    -How low is your temper

    My temper is pretty deep. I can control my anger really well but at times when i overreact is when players will NEVER stop asking questions/begging for items or just asking to do something.

    -Will you advertise this server on different servers? If yes, please DON'T. You don't know how annoying people

    that advertise on servers are.

    I will not because on other servers, they have their lot of players. It will be an unfair advantage if i go to steal their players. If i'm advertising on youtube, its stealing the watchers, its a different story. They chose to watch my video. they clicked on the link to the video. If they see it with their eyes, its something forced, I will vote on sites such as youtube and my facebook ( i have a lot of maple freaks as friends ) .

    -Will you ban players without a reason

    I will NEVER ban a player with no strong purpose.

    1. I cannot ban with just a strong hatred.

    2. WILL MOST DEFINITELY not ban for fun.

    3. I cannot ban if the player is being annoying. I will give him 2 warnings.

    -How are you going to keep this server lively. Please don't say "I will host events".

    I will keep it lively by :

    1. Voting everyday.

    2. Talking to players about absolute bullshit. ( a.k.a random stuff )

    3. I will just start like a game that can involve players, e.g. riddles / jokes



    Jason Zhang ~Secksee
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    Post  Hanah. <3 on Tue May 11, 2010 2:10 am

    This guys also went inactive. Never saw him anywhere.

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    Post  .::Arsenic::. on Wed May 12, 2010 10:57 pm

    Dead and Gone~

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