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    Vexx's Gm Application :D


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    Vexx's Gm Application :D Empty Vexx's Gm Application :D

    Post  Vexx on Sun May 09, 2010 12:31 am

    -Name: Danny

    -Character Name: Vexx

    -Gender: Male

    -How mature are you: Im an energetic, friendly person who loves a good conversation. Im very responsible and mature for my age, but i do have my wild side and can get moody (we all do) I like to dance and sing (even though im not that good at ethier haha) but its not about if your good at something or not its all about if your having fun right? (; im also a natural leader and have great problem solving skills.

    -Available times: I am able to play around 2-4 hours a day on weekdays, and anywhere I could paly the whole day on weekends but ussually about 6 hours.

    -Past Experiences for this job: I've been a GM on 5 Different servers. RawrMS(Co-Owner), Firestory(Co-Owner), VengenceMS(GM), CakeStory(GM), Freezestory(GM).

    -Why are you apply for...[Game Master] [Forum Moderator] [Intern] [Coder]: I am applying for gm because I believe that I can bring a sound mind to the community, as well a positive feeling with whomever I speak to! I'd like to hope so, at least.

    -How serious are you going to take this job and how are you going to do that: I would take the job as seriously as I take one of my hobbies which is quite serious, but not so serious that I would take the game as real life. I take my hobbies pretty seriously like basketball and cwalking.

    -Why'd you join TimeZstory. Please don't give answers like, "Because it's a cool server!": I joined this server because I've been looking for a great server where I can make a stay, So I've been going around on different servers, but this one is probably one that is by far the best I've played in the 2 days I went around, and belive me I've tried ALOT.

    -How are you going to help. Please don't give answers like, "I will make TimeZstory the #1 server!", because that will never happen.: I think I can help the server because I am very active, so I can provide the players with someone to talk to if they have problems. I'm also quite adept at hosting events, and I am impartial. I'm a person who doesn't really believe that rules should be broken. I would like to impress that I am strict but fair. I do and will not favor anyone, even if they are my friends

    -Have you read the rules. Please don't answer in 1 word: Yes I've read the rules, Not to AVI Smega, No Begging, No Hacking, No Glitching etc. These are pretty easy rules to follow, and basic. Theres nothing wrong with these rules at all.

    -Are you going to rage and cry if you are denied? Please don't answer in 1 word: No, I would take that in as experience and figure out what was my problem and fix it up so next time I apply for a GM position I wouldn't make the same mistake.

    -If you are accepted, will you give items away to people: I would never give items away to people, unless they earned it through winning an event.

    -What do you usually do on your free time in TimeZstory: I either train, pq, sit around in the fm, find osme people, or wait for some noobs in coc.

    -Have you ever been described as annoying or irritating? Please don't answer in 1 word: I have never been described by either one of these, not that I know of atleast. haha

    -What are your current occupation(s). Why must I know this? I use your occupation so I know what you are doing when you are offline for at least 1 week to the point where you are going to get fired as a GM: Well I don't have an occupation just that I have a few hobbies like basketball which is mostly what I do, but I do some cwalking occasionally.

    -How low is your temper: I dont really have a really low temper, I rarley ever get mad, I'm pretty chill with most of the things that happens.

    -Will you advertise this server on different servers? If yes, please DON'T. You don't know how annoying people that advertise on servers are: No, but people who advertise on other servers tick me off, and if somebody advertised on this server I would ban them cause their not here to stay(getting off topic). Well I dont think there is a need to advertise this server on other servers since this server is getting more and more people everyday.

    -Will you ban players without a reason: No I would never ban anybody without a reason, I think that theres a reason for everything, the same applys for banning people.

    -How are you going to keep this server lively. Please don't say "I will host events": I would hang out in the FM and talk to the community, host some events every now and then. Do some stalking just for some fun. Help people when needed. Also if i'm in the fm it would be easy to find me when they need help.

    Thanks For Reading My App
    Hanah. <3
    Hanah. <3

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    Vexx's Gm Application :D Empty Re: Vexx's Gm Application :D

    Post  Hanah. <3 on Tue May 11, 2010 2:00 am

    Wait, Will. did you say this application is denied? o_o;


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    Vexx's Gm Application :D Empty Re: Vexx's Gm Application :D

    Post  .::Arsenic::. on Wed May 12, 2010 11:01 pm

    More descriptive please.

    Yes denied

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    Vexx's Gm Application :D Empty Re: Vexx's Gm Application :D

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